Sunday, March 15, 2020

Roman Military.

Roman Military. As you probably know, being a fellow Roman, we have the finest and undefeated military. Our military has properly equipped our men with the weapons and armor that they would need to basically do anything that they would need to do in their times of duty. Their equipment includes a helmet, body armor, limb armor, a shield, a short word, a dagger, a spear or pilum, a belt, a tunic, and boots. The helmets are a round shape to let blows to the head easily slide off, where as many of the opposing forces helmets are square shaped, making them take the blows hard through the helmet. Their body armor is a scale type, not mail. This is because scaled armor cannot be punctured very easily. The limb armor is made to prevent our soldiers form having their limbs easily cut off or injured during battle. The shield that they have has been made with a dulled spike in the middle so that they can kill people with it.English: Roman soldier 175 a.C. from a northern pr...It has also been made rounded so it can protect their entire bodies. Their sword have been made short so it is easy to carry and stab with. Their dagger is the lightest weapon that they carry, and it is not made mainly for fighting, but can be used in battle. Their spears where made to be used only once and then be broken so the enemy could not use them. They are made with a thin piece of metal that can easily puncture armor, but then would be bent, so it could not be used again. The Pilum is a heavy and short ranged javelin that had a sharp tip and a lead ball on it to kill easily. They had also a strong and heavy artillery backing them up...

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